FAQ for Hardware and Software Setups.


Q. What do I need to play Tennis Esports?

A. To play Tennis Esports you need a gaming computer and VR headset with motion tracking system.

Recommended specifications are provided here.


Q. Which VR headset do I need?

A. To play Tennis Esports we recommend to use HTC Vive (Vive Pro) headset with wireless connection to the computer.

The most simple way is to purchase the HTC Vive Full Kit and HTC Vive wireless adapter full pack.

The whole bundle can be purchased here.

We do not recommend the Oculus VR headsets as you cannot play wireless and the headsets cannot track third objects.


Q. What is a motion tracking system?

A. Motion tracking system is required to play VR Tennis in order to track in real-time the motion of the player and the racquet. It is available within the HTC Vive Pro package and does not require separate purchase.

For Pro players we will later supply additional motion tracking HW which allows full-body motion tracking and motion learning features.

Q. Which computer do I need?

A. To play Tennis Esports we recommend modern game computers to support VR gaming requirements. Unfortunately Laptops do not support wireless headsets connectivity option, so you need a desktop computer.
There are hundreds of models available on the market. You can find the recommended specification here.

It is important to take into account the following technical requirements for the computer:

  • Intel processor computer is required (unfortunately AMD processors are not compatible with HTC Wireless adapter)
  • Graphics card should be Nvidia RTX 2070/2080 (with DisplayPort 1.2) or newer model
  • The computer should have at least one USB 3.0 Port (to connect VR Headset), one free PCI express slot on board (for Vive Wireless adapter card) + 2 more free USB ports to connect keyboard and mouse
  • It should also have 2 dedicated USB 3.0 controllers (e.g. from Intel, Texas Instruments).
    Most of the computer boards have required ports and controllers, but we can not guarantee it. So when you purchase the HW please either refer to the recommended package (see link below) or check the model with your local supplier for compliance.

We do not sell the hardware, but examples of recommended specifications can be found here.


Q. Can I play with my tennis racquet? 

A. The VR racquet is still in development, so you need to play with the VR controllers (which come along with the VR headset) for the time being. We are also developing a tracking device, which you can later attach to your own tennis racquet.