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Play tennis with friends via Internet

Main goal of the Tennis Esports platform is to build the community of tennis players and eClubs. As a member of this community, you can participate in one-off games and entire tennis tournaments with other members via Internet. Your achievements will be rated based on game scores and training progress. You can play and win and we will broadcast best games and tournaments to streaming platforms. Let's make it fun!

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Real-time game and training feedback

You can start with the basics and progress in learning and playing tennis. Our VR Motion Learning methodology involves real-time motion tracking and allows real-time feedback. During the Tennis Esports games, you play as if you are on real court. To boost your personal progress, your movements are compared with movements of great tennis players and also your own previous exercises

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Track your game statistics

As a registered client, you will have access to all game and training statistics. Your progress will be monitored and made available on your dashboard. Your dashboard offers you game scores, number of successful strokes as per stroke type, ball speeds and hit points, precision and consistency of your movements and much more. Use it for yourself or share your achievements among the platform community or a social network

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Learn tennis strokes and play the game

You start with warm-up exercises. Then you continue with major tennis movements like forehand, backhand, service and so on to prepare yourself to play an entire tennis game with the computer or a friend. Our system analyses in real time your performance and helps you get better every time you use Tennis Esports platform. Apply your newly learned skills in your regular tennis sessions on a real court and surprise your coach and co-players

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Motion learning methodology

Core know-how of our platform is the motion learning methodology, which is a set of technologies, tools, devices and software with proved learning paths. It guarantees fast and effective tennis training. The methodology is based on the experience of professional tennis trainers and sport biomechanics experts. This know-how is made available to our users via our Tennis Esports plartform

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Virtual Reality and Haptics

VR immersive environment and haptics devices are used to significantly improve the effect of immersion during the Tennis Esports game or training sessions. The platform immerses you into the world of virtual tennis where you can play as if you are on a real court. You will play with a real racket (PRO setup) and feel the effect of ball hits even though the ball is a virtual one. Move and play freely as if on real court

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Play in the club or at home

Our Tennis Esports platform has several setup options which are suitable either for large locations (e.g. 10x12 m half-court size for a sport center location or tennis court) or for small spots (e.g. 5x5 m for home use or for small training center). It may be used either by business partners on their locations (club, sports center, hotel, etc.) or by private individuals at home

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Broadcasting of tennis games and tournaments

As the community is growing we will organise the Tennis Esports Super League for active players who are registered on our platform. Moreover, we will broadcast  interesting games and events to a wider audience via streaming platforms. Join our Tennis Esports Super League and become famous Tennis Esports player!





Play tennis from home on a virtual court, with virtual balls, against virtual or real opponents!



Our goal is to offer an authentic VR tennis experience with the most realistic physics simulation available on the market

Like on a real tennis court you can train all different tennis strokes with the help of an intelligent and flexible ball machine or a virtual opponent. You will be able to play and practice tennis in your living room against virtual or real opponents all over the world via Internet.  Soon you can also join tournaments and participate in the VR Super League.

Exercises that are specially tailored to VR will monitor your racket swing and give you specialized feedback about your current skill level and progress

We are utilizing new technologies like virtual reality, motion learning and real time tracking in order to create a new category of digital training & Esports. Our collaborative ecosystem includes a VR environment for interactive training and matches, a web portal for statistics and management, and more.



We are VR Motion Learning, an Austrian start-up in SportsTech & VR

The idea for Tennis Esports was born in 2017 and a concept and detailed plan was developed until late 2019. At that time, our core team started working on the fundamental topics like ball physics, capturing and understanding professional tennis movements, training design, etc.

During that time, we were able to establish partnerships with several companies and institutions in the field of science and tennis

Among these are the TU Wien, Simi Reality Motion Systems, A1 Telekom Austria, A1 eSports Hub and Snauwaert. In addition, we were able to establish a network with tennis trainers and professionals.

Our team members are professionals with work experience in the following fields:

  • VR application development
  • Real-time full body motion tracking & capturing
  • Biomechanics & Similarity Modelling
  • VR interaction & UI / User experience design
  • Tennis training & Analysis
  • Haptic feedback for VR
  • Multiplayer & Online games
  • Real-time data analysis and processing using machine Learning & AI tools
  • 3D content creation / Video & Audio




Our vision is to bring tennis into the digital age and create a new category of virtual training & Esports.

We want to establish our Tennis Esports application as the most advanced VR tennis game & training solution. Providing trainers new tools and helping players to improve their tennis technique from anywhere at any time.

Our VR Motion Learning system enables you to learn, practice and play tennis in VR just as realistic and authentic as on a real tennis court.


These are the main pillars of Tennis Esports which guarantee a realistic and rich experience...



Here we provide brief description of all major components of our platform.



The core of our application is the physics simulation. It is one of the critical components in order to achieve a level of realism required to use our VR application as a training device for real sports.

The application is based on a custom in-house developed physics implementation that simulates all aspects of ball movement like in real tennis. It handles all the interactions between the virtual tennis ball and objects in the environment.

Every collision between the ball and a static or dynamic object influences the ball velocity, the direction, and the spin. These factors influence the ball trajectory calculation together with others like air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Our Physics implementation is deterministic, which guarantees a flawless and identical multiplayer experience for every participant.

A big part of our recent work has been to research and implement the most relevant features regarding tennis.

  • Ball spin: The ball bounces differently depending on spin
  • Ball trajectory: The path of the ball depends on spin, temperature and air pressure (altitude)
  • Ball-Racket collision: The ball accelerates in a specific direction and spins according to the parameters of the ball and racket during the contact phase with the racket
  • Sweet spot detection: Hitting the ball outside of the sweet spot affects the reflection properties of the ball and can be visualized for the user. Also the audio sound of the hit can be influenced according to the hitpoint
  • Drag and lift forces: These forces are calculated depending on ball parameters to influence the ball trajectory
  • Court surfaces: The ball bounce on the court behaves differently depending on the selected court surface (hard, clay, grass).




An immersive tennis experience in VR requires convincing visuals and audio.

  • Court surfaces: Like in the real world, the surface of the court influences your game
  • Stadium: Experience the atmosphere in stadiums of different types and sizes
  • Weather: Wind, humidity and temperature will also influence your game
  • Audience: The crowd on the ranks will cheer you on and react to your actions
  • Audio: Umpire, line-people, audience and environment sounds will enhance the immersion and give you a realistic tennis experience.



Playing all around the clock and with players from all over the world is the big advantage that a VR system offers compared to the real world.

It is possible to spontaneously play with or against people with different skill levels. The multiplayer feature enables you to use collaborative training exercises as well as to play tennis matches.

We need to make sure that the tennis game, especially the ball trajectory, is synchronized perfectly on all client computers. Therefore, prediction models and a deterministic physics implementation will guarantee a flawless and identical multiplayer experience for every participant even over large distances.

Each player will be able to play on our world wide servers 24/7 in real-time by creating their own private matches. 

At a later point in time, this multiplayer implementation will also enable players to participate in organized tournaments and even in the VR Super League

We also want to integrate a voice chat and interaction-emojis to enhance the user experience. Furthermore we are targeting an implementation of the multiplayer feature to be able to interact with users from different platforms.



One important factor to have an authentic tennis experience in VR is the use of a real racket. That’s why we have experimented with various setups from the beginning.

To further enhance the realism of the virtual racket swing, we are now partnering with SNAUWAERT which is designing a VR tracking hardware integration into its player’s frames.

The unique VRML Tennis Esports application racquet will offer exactly the same shape, visual appearance, weight, balance, and inertia of an also available equivalent tennis frame for the real court.



The player will be able to experience the same swing feeling in VR as it is on the actual tennis court. This unique setup makes Virtual Reality and Real Reality incredibly close, making our application not only an exciting game but also the most advanced training device from the beginner to the ATP/WTA player level.




Training exercises will give users the possibility to explicitly train certain tennis skills. We are working on well elaborated training exercises in different complexities that focus on the advantages of VR. They can be repeated exactly as many times as needed with the same accuracy.

To enhance your tennis strokes you will in the future also be able to see recorded tennis movements from professional players on 3D avatars.

There will be several types of training exercises including: ball training (trajectory, spin, velocity), accuracy training (motion precision and correctness for all tennis motion types), motion learning training (motion feedback based on the real-time analysis of your own motion in comparison to your previously stored data and data of professional tennis players).



Our training exercises give you the opportunity to see how you can improve your tennis skills. Every session you take will result in a score value and you will also receive awards.

During a match we are going to log all events like in a professional WTA or ATP match. These statistics, including percentages, ball contacts, etc. will be extracted, saved and visualized. We will also include statistics about specific parameters of the racket and the ball like: racket speeds, ball spins, ect.

In the future your strokes will be evaluated according to our developed Coaching Rules. The analytical data helps you to monitor your progress and stability when hitting a ball.

All statistical and analytical data will be captured in the VR application during the gameplay and stored on our Backend server structure. This allows you to have access to the data not only in the VR application, but also on our Web Portal.




We have been working on capturing real human and ball movements with the “Simi Tracking System” since the first day. We are sure that motion feedback will be a groundbreaking feature in VR Tennis.

This recorded data is the base for all our future motion learning features. It was already a good foundation for defining our Coaching Rules which are used to compare your stroke with a synchronized stroke of a professional player.

Since one of our fundamental goals is to provide a realistic ball behaviour, we have also started extracting the motion of the real ball from the court recordings. These values help us to constantly evaluate the quality of our simulation.



We have already created the technical foundation for a multiplayer solution for tennis matches and training. 

Next we will work on a feature where you can join or create tennis tournaments with selected players, a certain ruleset and scheduling.

In the future we are planning to build up our so-called Superleague where teams of players can compete with each other.






At this point in time we are focusing on the following hardware:

HTC Vive Pro resp. the successor HTC Vive Cosmos Elite with the Lighthouse 2.0 tracking. Together with a good performance PC you will be able to use all future features we will provide in the upcoming 18 - 24 Months. From our side this HW setup is tested and approved.

Why we have chosen this HW setup:

The HTC base stations 2.0 (4 pieces) allow a tracking area of up to 10x10 meters. We are able to use a custom input device (VR Racket) to guarantee that the learnings in VR are convertible to the real world. Our plan is to extend the HW setup with a motion capturing device. This requires enough computational performance in order to capture and compare your motion to previous ones or any other professional motion of our database.

A preconfigured HW configuration can be purchased here:


In the future we will also develop a reduced version of the Tennis Esports training and gaming application for mobile VR platforms.