There will be two license options for commercial products: one business-to-business license for Clubs and one consumer license for Players at home.

1. PRO CLUB (multi-user license for Partners and Clubs)

You need to have hardware and space for your own setup at your Club. You will let your students play and train at your location. You will be able to organise tournaments within your Club League. In the first months you test our product for free. Later you pay a subscription fee of 199 EUR per month. You manage the income from students on your own. If your students purchase HOME subscription to use the Tennis Esports platform at home, you will receive 25% of those subscription fees on top.

2. HOME (single-user license for Players)

This product is for end-users - Players. Players can play tennis with their friends via the Internet or with computer. Players can participate in single games as well as in tournaments. Scores and tennis game statistics progress will be used to calculate your ratings in Tennis Esports Super League. We will also provide training sessions for those who want to improve tennis skills using our Motion Learning methodology.

Single-user licenses
Free version
0.00 EUR
Simple Training sessions
Games vs. Computer
Limited # of Games
Limited statistics
Beta-version - November 2020
19.90 EUR
More Training sessions
Gaming vs. other Players
Unlimited Tournaments
VR Leagues
Personal Statistics
Beta-version - November 2020
Multi-user licenses
199.90 EUR
Multi-User license for Club
Larger Space to play
Organizing Tournaments
Managing Players & Leagues
Pilot period for free
Beta-version - November 2020
Soon you will be able to purchase and use our Tennis Esports products! We are working hard to make commercial versions of our products available for you!