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The Tennis Esports Tour is a ranking system that combines player scores across ‘Hit’em All’ and ‘Instant Cup’ game modes
Events are scheduled tournaments with specified participation formats (contributing activities), rules, leaderboard and prize pools
Great Game!
I like all arcade modes and my favorite is hit em all and playing vs the Ai. The ball behavior is very good and when I hit with the racket feels like a good tennis game👍
Just great in a whole!
Making a game that is online, is not just making that game and thats it. I play several tennis games, i know another game thats good... But... This devolper is something other... They REALLY listen to their players.\nThey NEVER do as if they know it better than their players. Always answering questions positiv.\nAnd always try to listen and make the game better.\n\nI think that it is just that that makes this game a big difference and to say honestly, better.
First Impression
A well-done tennis simulation that also offers a wide variety of game modes. Haven't tried online match yet. I am using my Quest Pro controller with a ProSwing handle, which makes it even more fun.
Just wow!
Was surprised by the quality of tennis game simulation and number of different game modes. Definitely that kind if apps is a future of active esports! Keep it up, developers!
Awesome app and a lot of fun!
I absolutely love playing Tennis Esports when I have a few free minutes. It's a fun way to add more workouts to my week. \n\nThe tutorial is an excellent entry into the app, especially for VR beginners or anyone who wants to learn how to serve in-game. At first, I struggled hitting the targets, but with the training courses, I got the hang of it. \nHow much you can control the ball with the right technique amazes me.\n\nThe app offers a lot of content, including training against NPCs and matches against other players. But my absolute favorites are the arcade modes Hit'em All and MirrorPlay. These modes are simply addictive.\n\nTried tennis once and thought it wasn't for me. But this app is so much fun that I'm reconsidering. \nI can't wait to see how this app evolves further.
Tried it. Played it. Love it!
So happy with this game because now I can play tennis whenever I want. The physics feels very real with the different spins and everything. It may even help me with my real tennis. Hoping to see more new cool game modes in the future too!
Well-executed and immensely enjoyable
Outstanding App! I tested it for 15 mins using the 'try before you buy' feature and was so immersed that I happily ended up purchasing it. Its fun arcade modes are incredibly addictive, providing a unique twist that goes beyond just simulating tennis. Meanwhile, I played multiplayer matches and they are a real highlight - well-executed and immensely enjoyable. This app is a gem, whether you're a tennis fan or not. Highly recommended!
Loving this game since day 1
I tried the free trial last week and since minute 1 I realize that I should buy the game I love the sense of real scenarios and movements. I definitely could recommend it. I use the automate movement it’s really accurate i just want to play and train every day.
Amazing Game
I play this game now 1 year and it is the best VR tennis game that I have experienced. The graphics are amazing, you feel like in a real tennis game, and the spin of the ball and everything are so realistic. We can play different modes of game (vs NPC, vs Real players) and you can win real money from challenges. I highly recommend this game to everyone having a VR headset. It's an amazing game.
unbelievable physics
Never thought that such realistic ball physics are even possible!!!\n\n\nWow!! 🎾👍😀
Great family game!
This game is great for all age and skill levels. Our entire family from our pre-teen to adults love this game. Easy enough to learn in a few minutes, but challenging enough to keep you playing for hours!
I love it
Excellent jeu de tennis
Ce jeu est top ! Une excellente expérience virtuel le de tennis. \nSi vous aimiez Virtua Tennis , télécharger ce jeu vous rappellera vos souvenirs. \nBravo aux développeurs cela permet d’avoir toute les sensations d’un match de tennis , et de le pratiquer même en hiver 😉\nLe mode en ligne est très sympathique et très bien fait . En route pour les masters 😉\nEn un mot : Bravo 👏👏👍🏻
Love this game!
The physics are realistic, and every time the App gets better. So many people so I can play so many matches now!\n\nI love the trainings and TechZone is so cool\nThe community on discord is cool and the developers are super responsive - also get to win prizes and cash every week
Mirrorplay Aim is the best
This is quite impressive. The ball physics are well-done, adding a realistic touch to the game. The single-player modes are well done and keep me coming back for more. What I particularly enjoy is mirrorplay aim. It is a great mix of skill development and entertainment. However, the AIs could move more realistic.
Game Modes
Just started playing. First impressions are really good. I like that there are so many modes. Mirrorplay is my favourite so far.
Magnifique !
C'est le troisième jeux de tennis que j'achète et c'est de loin le meilleur ! \nLes sensations sont excellentes, \nVous pouvez l'acheter les yeux fermés 🙂\nDe plus, j'ai eu un tout petit soucis et le SAV a été présent, efficace et surtout très rapide ! \nUn grand merci à George 🤝\nGO !
Great experience
for everybody - old and young ones! Brought my mother - former playing tennis a lot - to exciting remembering. ETennis activated her again for some workout- now in her eighties and with cognitive impairment…\nThe sitting mode is a really good chance for one of my students, who can’t stand for a long time because of an impairment. With eTennis he can exercise in a way that he couldn’t before. \nThe application is very realistic and split into small steps. This supports your motivation to keep on exercising.
Training mode is amazing.
So glad there are guided training modes, i can actually practice the game physics till i get a feel for them! The core design is very well done and the drill courses are superb. The tennis physics are realistic. \n\nIn terms of actual feel, this is as close as it can get. A real tennis racket feels heavy on impact but there is no physical racket so you’re obviously not going to feel that without an specialized controller specially made to mimic a tennis racket with impact haptics (maybe in a decade we will have stuff like that) lol. \n\nIf i had to describe it, it feels exactly like how badminton feels in real life, just with tennis physics. With that being said, the \ndevs should consider a badminton game with the same core functionality! Id instantly buy!
Ik speel het nog maar net. Maar vind het echt al top het enige min punt is dat je er veel plek voor nodig hebt maar dat maakt niet zo veel uit.
Loving it. Great tennis simulator
I’m using the app as a daily training routine to get through the winter season since indoor court time is limited. Loving the different training sessions. I’m also excited about the future development of this app. Kudos to the development team for the last release. Great job!
The best VR tennis
Surprisingly responsive with excellent AI forhand training, this VR game effectively teaches correct swing techniques. Practicing almost daily, I found it immensely beneficial.
GREAT app with tons of options!
I thought Pickleball One was fun but this Tennis app is now my go to for a great workout! (and for relaxation it's ping pong). There are so many ways to practice and play this. I really love that the crowd cheers (even when noone is in the seats ) and hearing "oomph!" from the ai player 😂. I love the practice and training options too.\nNote: For me it's a bit confusing to play pickleball and tennis alternatively so in retrospect I would have just purchased this one.
Effets et vitesse bien pris en compte
Après avoir essayé quelques jeux de tennis en VR, celui-ci prend bien en compte les effets et la vitesse donné à la balle. Mode d’entraînement et match simple et efficace.
Such fun!
This was one of the first games that I played on my new Quest 3. It’s the one I keep going back to as it’s great fun whilst having a bit of a workout.
Like in high school again
I hadn't played tennis in 38 years, so when I first started playing this VR, I was really rusty and had a hard time beating the 3rd NPC. Now, after a couple of weeks, I beat them all easily. I've beat the 1st 4 with turbo mode off, which is the most realistic play. I find myself playing the same as I did in high school, making the same mistakes. \n\nI would like to see some even harder NPC players. On the play yourself, when I hit the ball and it pops me to the other side, I want to see myself hitting the ball rather than just the hit ball or the ball from the crossing of the net which is too short to react.\n\nI love the game. I have to stop when my sweat starts running as I can't wipe my face with the goggles on.
Was hesitant to get this but with the option to refund I thought why not try it , I haven't refunded as I wouldn't want to let this game go , up there with eleven table tennis for me , always seem to find a game online and the single player aspect is very good.\nHopefully more will be added in the future to keep us busy.
Great app for tennis training
I have been playing for now almost a month and I really like this app. With the update from this XMas it is even better, now I can improve my forehand with the new tech area, since it tracks \nmy movement and I can see it afterward in replay. I hope they bring also and addon for backhand and serve, this would be amazing. Thumbs up! One hint, I think it would be helpful for all players to introduce handicapped scoring when playing against higher rated players, this would make both players enjoy more the match.
Most realistic Tennis-App
The App works pretty good and stucks not often. With helloreal-adapter it has a real Tennis-feeling.\nJust 3 stars because the Techzone-add-on doesn't work anymore and no chance to get the money back. If it would work and if there would be an Integration of serves etc. the app and the add-on would be worth full 5 stars.\nUpdate: the problem with the add-on seems to be solved. 😃
Most fun, realistic tennis🎾
Wonderful opportunity to play Tennis at home, fun Hit‘em‘all. The MirrorPlay is a great way to practice. I enjoy participating in the Holiday cup and playing Instant matches with people around the world.
Full Support from my side
Great piece of work! This deserves support with a good review! It feels very good to hit the virtual ball with the racket. Already found some friends online. Love tennis in real life now I also love it at home!
Growing user base
Tennis Esports has become more enjoyable for me thanks to the ongoing events that have drawn in a larger user base. I play people all around the world, depending on the time. The recent update, which introduced new physics, has significantly improved the game's fun factor. Doing a follow through makes a difference here. I've had the opportunity to connect with so many players from around the world, thanks for that! Edit: that last update just before Christmas was a great present. Looking forward to see the next one.
For a free minute
You get a full star review, merely for the reason that I can start it in a free minute and play a match against people anywhere in the world. I don't even have to change servers .to play with a friend on the other side of the globe!
Best Vr game I played
This is the best Vr Game I have ever played, I love tennis in real life as well as Vr now. The physics are great and not comparable to First Person Tennis the other Tennis App in Oculus. Love to see the future updates!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tennis in your living room!
Playing and learning Tennis from your living room - a great and fun exercise! Immensely cool to be able to play Tennis in live matches with people around the world 🙂 you can complete your training online with Dennis 😉 and learn how to properly do fore- and backhands! Weekly challenges are great fun as well, especially if you also are as competitive as I am. All in all this is not just a silly game, it sure feels like real Tennis! 🎾
Love it
It is very realistic in how you have to hit the ball. Movement will be always be a challenge but this game does pretty dang good.
Almost Real
I have not played real tennis for almost 30 years now. I used to play when I was young and now I am 61 years old and this game has given me a realistic chance to play again. Extremely satisfying and do get enough workout to keep motivated. Don’t feel like exercising while I am working out.\n\nLove it !
best realistic tennis app.
By far the most authentic tennis app out there. Great training excersises and fun mini games. Great multiplay community. Thanks 😇👍😎
Macht süchtig
Hab meine Metaquest 3 recht neu und mir direkt dieses Spiel geholt.\nIch spiele kein Tennis im Reallife aber bin beim eTennis direkt süchtig geworden, leider kann ich so natürlich nicht sagen wie nah die physischen Reaktionen und Feedbacks an der Realität sind.\n\nDennoch muss ich sagen, dass das Spiel unglaublich Spaß macht und ich finde es powert durchaus auch aus und das liebe ich auch sehr.\n\nBis jetzt habe ich nur gegen die AIs gespielt und soweit wohl alle "frei geschalten" ich freue mich drauf irgendwann auch gegen andere zu spielen, momentan fühle ich mich noch nicht ganz bereit, da ich an der ein und anderen Stelle noch üben muss (wofür das Training gut geeignet ist)
Simply the BEST
I own EVERY single Tennis game on the Quest store...and this one is BY FAR the BEST!\n\nFirst of all, the PHYSICS gameplay is unmatched is SO REALISTIC!\n\nThey are CONSTANTLY IMPROVING and the Developers actually LISTEN to users input! (Shocking right)\n\nThe training categories are AMAZING!...If your new to tennis or a seasoned pro, you will find it VERY helpful and useful.\n\nThere is so much positive things to say about this game...I can go on and on.\n\nTrust me, GET this game, you won't regret it!
Fun and challenging
A nice and beginner friendly tennis simulation. Feels great and fun to play.
So Far So Good
Going to start with a 4-star rating. I saw another review stating that practice balls are out of range to hit, and that problem remains. No big deal to me; I want to play, so I jumped right it. Didn't have any problems with the bot I played against - actually won a game (and lost the match). I was hoping for a haptic response from the "racquet," though. Like to see something along those lines. Otherwise, it's fun to play. I will update this review with a quick comment about the developer. He responds. Quickly. Not something seen much these days. For that reason alone I'm raising this to 5 stars. Good to see customer service isn't completely out of style.
Latest update is amazing 5/5
The latest update with forehand analysis and harder training options whereby the ball comes faster to you is amazing. It was already so realistic and now it is even better! 5/5 please keep creating new add ons!
Incredible. So realistic and fun
The game dynamics are so good, you can really feel like you’re playing at Wimbledon in your living room. My first and favourite VR game
NobleSquashy said it best
Just wish there were more modes and able to find a multiplayer match. I still have yet to find anyone. Though I admit I haven’t played in a few months now. I’m hoping this is continually updated cuz it could be really great. NobleSquashy said it best, like he normally does… if you have some friends it’s worth it maybes, but if not, wait until the online match finder works\n\nUPDATE 12/11/23\nThis game is now in the category of “WOW”. The new physics update is PERFECT. First Person Tennis USED to be my go to tennis game, but not anymore. It’s also much easier to find matches these days as opposed to 8 months ago. \nDevelopers, please please PLEASE keep adding mini games! That’s where this game shines above the rest I think (other than the spot on physics). Can’t say enough good things about how Tennis ESports turned out… developer deserves kudos. Keep up the great work! It’s not often I bring a game back from the dead in my library but this is one of those rare times. \n\nP.S. if I have one minor complaint, it’s that serving is a little difficult to get right. Feel like the ball travels further than I hit it consistently. It’s the only area where the physics feel slightly off. If I could make 1 suggestion, throwing the ball up should be the click of a button and identical each time, like FPT offers.
Virtual tennis fun in a class of its own
As a passionate gamer and tennis fan, I was absolutely thrilled by the game "Tennis eSports"! The realistic game physics and the accurate reproduction of tennis movements give the game an authentic feel. The challenge of making tactically smart decisions in real time is addictive and makes for an intense gaming experience. For me, "Tennis eSports" is a successful crossover between virtual thrills and the fascination of real tennis. An absolute recommendation!
Großartiges Tennisspiel
Absolute Empfehlung für jeden Freund des Tennissports
Great training tool
This is something I can see can be big in the future. Anyone in the world would be able to play this game and this give those players like me to practice tennis during cold months. Indoor court time is limited and it is winter season here. I have USTA sectionals in January, so being able to keep training fundamentals will help with my game.\n\nIt would be cool to make it where you have straps to connect a tennis racquet by either clipping it to strings or the frame, and then calculate the racquet information ingame so you have a more custom and more advance training tool. \nI might one day try to get the racquet handle attachment .
incredible vr experience
I'm impressed by the game's physics! Hitting the ball, manipulating direction/trajectory and inducing spin is very intuitive and satisfying. Tennis Esports is an incredible choice for anyone seeking an authentic tennis experience!
I bet for this game
I begin playing this game and the training was very real ( I play tennis in real life), but the matches the physics weren’t the same. They contact me to know more about my experience, so they are focused on improving this game, so for me, today it’s a good game, but I know it would be better. Totally recommended
GREAT Game 🎮
This is GREAT. Probably the best simulation I've ever tried. There is only one inconvenience: the game starts only with a good Internet connection. If there is no Internet or a slow connection, the game will not start.
Fantastic Tennis in VR!
This is a fantastic app! Being able to play tennis with this level of realism is outstanding! Highly recommend this app!
Quelques bugs
Bonjours,\nDans le Quest 3: \nMerci pour votre réaction à la suite de ma demande . Votre jeu est très bien , technique et plaisant .\n Merci encore \nCordialement
Found it while scrolling through the Lab Section. Still in Development, but already miles better than the other sports games. ;) \nThis is WOW!!
Very realistic physics.
Update 2023.11.20\nAfter the latest update, the physics has become very good, very close to real life experience, very impressive.\nAs I mainly play single player offline, I have a few suggestions:\n1. The ability to play offline, not internet connection required.\n2. Longer AI matches (current ten point game is way too short).\n3. A rally back and forth practice with AI.\nThanks for the good work!
Cool game kids loving it
Hey guys great game. My kids love it and I must say me too. Just want some more training and games so I can get some activity and beat my kids at this !
So much fun!
This is such a cool game. Love HitEmAll. Hope for more AI opponents - even celebrity!
Such a cool tennis app
Graphics are beautiful - and I can do all my shots from home. My kids are loving it too thanks so much.
As real as it gets!
What Eleven Table Tennis is for Ping Pong, Tennis Esports is for Tennis. Great physics, great fun, very realistic.
Great eSports-worthy tennis in VR
If you tried the few great table tennis games on Quest and were wondering where is the "big tennis", this is it! Practice mode is already a lot of fun, reminds me of my real tennis practice with a coach. Compared to table tennis, you can get a real workout here, as you need to put in effort similar to real tennis to get a good shot. The only consideration before purchasing is that you would need at least 10x10 feet to move and ht the ball safely. Lastly, of course, there is online play and the eSports aspect which lets you go deep, and makes me excited to follow where this game ends up not just as a fun multiplayer game, but as a trainer for real tennis and legit eSports!
I love this game!
I haven’t played tennis in over 20 years. I started back at beginners tennis for adults and was understandably *horrendous*. The coach on my first day even expressly said, “Everybody did so well today…except one.” looking me dead in the eye.\n\nEnter Tennis eSports. Okay - I am still pretty dismal…but I am improving and am not the worst player in my beginners’ group. I am sometimes even surprised by my own improvement!\n\nThe thing I find really astonishing is that I basically hit all the same crummy shots in this game as I do on the court. That’s how I know how good it is. \n\nAnd it’s really fun!\n\nPlaying myself is exceptionally painful. 🤣
Awesome tennis simulator
This is the perfect mix between gaming and a training experience. It’s very engaging from the first moment and it can clearly help you improve your technique in the physical world. Congrats to the team who developed this!
The Best Tennis VR Experience
As someone who knows virtually nothing about Tennis (have never played a day in my life) I must say I am really enjoying this game! I picked it up when I saww VRML was hosting a Tennis League, and I've been in love with it ever since. I've been constantly on that grind, trying to improve my skills. I would highly recommend Tennis Esports to anyone who either does or does not play Tennis IRL. The motions are fluid, and it has some of the best VR physics I've ever seen
Brauche dringend Hilfe
Kann man Tennis Esports resetten?\nHabe den Schläger verkehrt in der Hand.\nKann nichts einstellen. \nWas soll ich tun?\nHabe bis jetzt das Spiel deinstalliert und wieder neu installiert. Aber es verändert sich nichts.\n\n\nHerzlichen Dank .... jetzt funktioniert es
Best game ever!
First time VR user and I couldn’t be more impressed and happy with this game. One of the main reasons why I bought the quest to begin with.\n\nThe gameplay is nothing short of spectacular. The precision and accuracy required to master this game are unparalleled. You’ll need lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable strategy to outmaneuver your opponents. It’s a true test of skill and strategy, and it will keep you coming back for more, match after match.\n\nMy only criticism would be it dosent favour 2 hand backhand players, but the devs are working on it and are committed to making the most authentic tennis experience.\n\nThe most fun I’ve ever had, definitely worth it. 11/10
Really enjoyable tennis app!
I’ve just gotten this a week ago and am having a blast - play it every day so far.\nI’m just playing the tutorials and arcade so far and have had such fun and a good workout\nthat I’m not rushing to play any matches yet…in time will feel good enough to.\nNot bad for a 70 y/o…lol. This will keep me busy and active all winter, for sure.
Works amazingly well
I was truly surprised to get such an authenic tennis experience in my kitchen. At the beginning I was afaird to hit things, but the gardian blends in very well and the overall experience is very polished. Ball phycsics feels very accurate. This became part of my daily training.
Great Tennis App
It actually felt great playing tennis using this app. I believe it would be very useful for trainings.
Immersive and Impressive
Very cool game. It's hard to stop since you really feel comfortable in the game. Like on a real court. Works very nicely with the controllers. I have not seen a better sports game on quest yet :)
Awesome Tennis Experience 🔥
I had the privilege of playing the Tennis Esports app on my Meta Quest 2 at an event, and it was simply incredible! The physics in this game are mind-blowing, making every swing feel true to life.\n\nI was so captivated by the experience at the event that I downloaded it right away. What's fantastic is how beginner-friendly it is, with a really nice guide that eases you into the world of virtual tennis. It's the kind of game where you can pick up the racket and start having fun immediately.\n\nIn summary, I can't recommend this app enough. If you own a Meta Quest 2 or 3 and want an exceptional tennis experience, give it a shot. You'll love it!
Amazing VR experience
I was able to test Tennis Esports on an event and it convinced me totally. So I installed it directly on my headset too. It‘s an amazing experience and very accurate. It makes so much fun playing it. Totally recommend it!
Unbelievably real Tennis!
I have tried out different tennis and other sports games, but this one is the most realistic tennis game I have seen!\n\nIt feels very natural, immersive and the physics are great on Quest 2 and certainly Q3. For me as two-handed backhand, a real game changer is using a dedicated racket handle to attach to the controllers. There are multiple options for this.\n\nLooking forward to challenging matches!!!
About Game review
This game have a good graphic and the NPC have a nice AI playing on the court. You know i’m a wheelchair tennis player for real and my opinion the company VR MOTION LEARNING GmbH & Co KG should win the Nobel Prize for well-being and physical activity with this Tennis ESports game. Several friends of mine have tried the game and they are so amazed by the reality of the game that we are thinking of adding virtual wheelchair component to the tennis program to our current league
Awesome Game!
Have been playing this game for a week now and increasingly got better! \n\nIt’s fun to play the different modi like ai squad or arcade games but the best is the online multiplayer mode \n\nRecommended!
Amazing development
As a hobby tennis player I enjoyed this game a lot and it helped me focus a lot on the ground strokes without requiring a second person.
Surprisingly realistic
At first, I was quite sceptical about how realistic this game would be. Yet, except from some obvious deviations from reality (fi.: running to the ball) the handling and overall feeling of playing a match against an opponent online felt surprisingly realistic. But whether it is realistic or not is actually not as important as the fact that ist really is a fun game to play!
Best VR tennis game ever
This is a good tennis simulator game . Good game for every tennis player. You can learn a lot tennis technics.\nYou can play online with others player.
The most realistic tennis simulation
Best Tennis simulation I played so far! :D
Fun Game
I just purchased the game and during the setup the racquet became my hand and I can not point to any of the options to finish the setup. I tried to uninstall the game but every time I reinstall and try to start allover with the setup. the same thing happens. how can I reset the game like I don't have a profile and maybe that will help. Thank you for your suggestion it worked well. I was able to reset the options and start playing the game. Once I started playing it was fun. Little bit of a learning curve hitting the balls consistently but I can see myself playing this game a lot. Thank you for you help
Most accurate sports vr game
This game’s physics to its rules are pin point accurate. The game not only is extremely fun but the people are even better. The community is very positive and you can talk to them on the tennis esports discord server. They hold events where you can win actual money and prizes! This game is extremely fun and competitive I 💯% worth the price.
So glad to buy
This is a great tennis app, so much fun with arcade, I get to swing real stroke. Very happy
A practicar!
Las físicas están muy bien conseguidas, las IAs son perfectas si te da vergüenza o no te apetece el multiplayer y los minijuegos que hay son muy muy adictivos 😍 lo que más me gusta es que te van enseñando a jugar cada vez mejor. \n\nTengo muchas ganas de ver cómo evoluciona este juego y sobre todo el modo de espacio real donde poder moverme como si estuviera en una pista de tenis de verdad… espero que en un futuro funcione en realidad mixta para poder salir al parque de en frente de mi casa y probarlo. Eso sí, cuando esté atardeciendo que ya sabemos que el sol y las lentes de las Quest no se llevan bien.\n\nEnhorabuena por la app al equipo que hay detrás!!
So much fun!
What a game! I've been playing for a few days and I'm getting better every day! It's so much fun and also more realistic than many other games!
Incredible VR Experience
I have played a few VR games so far, but i have not yet seen a better usage of the Oculus Quest or any VR headset I have tried so far. This game offers unparalleled immersion in the world of (VR) tennis. The gameplay is incredibly realistic, allowing you to execute topspin and slice shots just like on a real tennis court. \n\nI feel like this is the direction in which VR should go - to improve and add to your daily life: Being able to play the sport you love even when you don’t have the time to (lunchbreak during work, no time to drive to the next tennis court, bad weather etc.) and this app is undoubtedly the best tennis app in the Oculus Store and therefore my recommendation for anyone who would love to spend more time on the tennis court, but just can‘t in real life.\n(Or anyone interested in VR Tennis in general!)\n\nAlso, the weekly challenges, along with the vibrant online community, keep me coming back for more every day!
Motivation for kids to play tennis
Purchased it few months ago and still play. Multiplayer matches are great in this app. Gave it to kids and not only they loved the game but also wanted to play real tennis, which is great ))
Really great game
Easily the best tennis game on VR, so sleek and works so well with its movement system, other games couldn't do it near as well. Definitely get this game, has VRML too if you want to be competitive!
Solid Tennis Sim
This is a viable and worthy tennis simulation. I haven't played for a few years but it seems to be a decent digital twin and there is a lot of value in refining my form and re-learning my muscle memory. I don't recommend this is as a casual game but I do recommend this for anyone interested in Tennis as well as former and current athletes.
This actually feels like tennis. much as is possible under the inherent limitations of VR.\n\nI haven't dived too deep in it yet, but the first impressions are right up there.\n\nVisuals and general atmosphere is great and I would say it kinda feels like you 're actually on the grounds of a pro tournament. This may be just "eye candy" to some, but I find it really adds to the immersion, therefore making the whole experience better.\nUI and general navigation is great. Simple and straightforward without leaving anything out.\nBut the king here is the physics. As a RL tennis player, after my first in-game swing, I was like "wow". A few shots later I had realized, these guys (the developers) are actually RL tennis players themselves, no doubt, and yes, they got it right. So natural and realistic, that my brain is sometimes almost tricked into feeling the impact of the ball (impossible in VR !)\n\nNow, there is always room for improvement, and it's only been a short while that this sim (yes, not just "game") is on the Store. But updates have already arrived, and it's clear that the developers aren't slowing down one bit.\nThere's things that I 'd like to see, mostly gameplay related (like the important ability to play with just one controller), some bug squashing, etc., but the people behind it are perfectly aware of those, and improvements are on their list and hopefully coming soon.\n\nAll in all, this is already a very good tennis sim, and promising to only keep getting even better. And I can't wait for it to deliver on this promise, while in the meantime enjoying what it already is.\n\nOh, and one more thing - communication with the team behind this gem sets an example to follow.\n\nSo - if you love tennis, and whether you play IRL or not (but even more if you do !), be prepared to deal with some imperfections here and there, but absolutely, definitely go for it. It will only be getting better.
Most realistic tennis game on the market
The game delivers on it's immersive tennis, offline vs AI is a lot of fun and playing online vs other players is even more fun. devs are listening to feedback and suggestions to continue evolve and improve their game.
Wow - so fun
This is a great game, doesn’t make me sick and I get to play some tennis in a few minutes! community is super cool and love the AI \n\nCan’t wait for more AI opponents
Physics and Immersion at their best
I never got to try tennis irl but this game makes me want to! The physics of the ball seem very realistic. Tutorial is fast and on point and apart from the main game there's some mini games to play. Hit em all is my favorite because it tests your accuracy and makes it harder the more you improve. As a competitive player, it was really nice to see how big the competitive scene is with lots of tournaments. In addition, the community is wholesome and devs seem to be very active on Discord!
Love love this game!
This game is the best game I've played on VR. Not only im having fun but It's helping me move more :) Can't wait for tournaments! :D woop woop!
Very nice game
The physics are absolutely incredible just with the controller. It gets even better if you get a tennis handle with it. The community and staff are always helpful and the developers continue to update the game
More than a game
It’s more than just a game. It’s a community with a lot of different people from all over the world. With a lot of tournaments, challenges and trainings. Good skills for real tennis too. Thanks Esports Tennis Team for this wonderful (More than a) game
Great realism
Impressed with the physics and feeling like you are on a tennis court.
best tennis physcs on quest
I have tried all the tennis simulators available and there is no doubt that TennisEsports has the best ball physics, net, effects of the entire quest store, the game is really worked and is a mandatory purchase for all racket sports lovers .\n\nSome details that I think should be implemented in the future:\nbeing able to bounce the ball with your hand before serving, the existence of a circuit similar to that of the ATP (online or offline) with official scoring.\n\nJust details because the game is really incredible, many thanks to the programmers for the great game.
Best tennis sim
The physics are superior to any other tennis game I’ve played. You really get the feeling of playing irl. The AI match mode is great and the weekly challenges also keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to future updates and content.
Best tennis game
Probably the best tennis game on VR. Ball physics are really good and the racket to ball interaction feels very natural and realistic. It has many training and arcade modes to practice and get better and you can also play vs the AI but the most fun is in the online mode, where you can play with your friends or with people all around the world. There's a great community and they organize a lot of challenges and tournaments that will keep you hooked to the game.
Amazing game!
This game is definetly one of the better tennis games on the oculus store right now, with amazing physics to simulate a real game of tennis. Aswell as the community, everyone is so welcoming and nice and no one will ever say no to playing a few matches, regardless the skill.
most inovative & competitive tennis game
tennis esports has the most advanced competitive scene oit of all tennis games meaning that if you want to get into the esports side of vr sports this is undoubtedly the best place to be
My all time favorite game
Haven't played real tennis in a long time but this game is just amazing. It's extremely realistic. You really feel like you're playing real tennis. And they have actual VR tournaments too. Can't stop playing.
Best game
Now I can play tennis at home!
I have not been playing tennis for years, but with this app I can now practice at home. It feels so realistic. Especially the High Score competition is so much fun! And the design of the different courts is great. Thank you so much, you did a great job, I love this game. It´s by far the most realistic tennis vr app on the market! Update: The Tournaments are great, more and more players are participating. And you can even win prize money!!!
Most innovative VR tennis simulator
Tennis Esports is pretty incredible. If you are skeptical at first - as I was - just try it out and see for yourself. I was very happy with my control over shots, taking command of the direction, height, spin and speed of the ball. \n\nI think it's really cool how there is the option to turn on the running mode, allowing you to move around the court like in real life (if you have enough space!). Alternatively, a stationary boundary works equally well and allowed me to dial in on my technique that I've transferred from my real game - and it works!
A Pleasant Surprise!
This VR Tennis Game is a must-play for any VR gaming enthusiast and offers a beautiful balance between authentic tennis physics and enjoyable gameplay. I can't wait to see how it continues to develop and improve!
Elevating Fitness Routines
Overall, this tennis simulation is more than just a game—it's a revolution in fitness. It makes exercise both exciting and accessible for everyone. For those with enough space, I highly recommend trying the 'running' locomotion mode!\n\nAs a follower since the initial release via App Lab, I can say that the developers of this game have shown an exceptional commitment to updates and improvements. Their dedication gives me great confidence this game will continue to be a staple in my VR fitness routine in the future.
Best Tennis VR Experience !
I've been playing this now for several weeks and it is by far the most fun I've had using my Quest 2. The game itself has physics that mimic real tennis in a phenomenal way. It is challenging -- but so is playing on an actual court, and that is how it should be! I was critical at first of the reliance on the 10 point tie-break format for online and match play, but now I see the advantages of using it the way they do. It allows for quick games -- and an immediate desire if you lose to get right back into the action. In this era of short attention spans, this is the perfect gaming experience for time sensitive people. I believe it is this feature which has allowed it to build the great community which surrounds the game. If you play this game -- be sure to join the discord channel and become part of the community. Highly recommended.
Amazing Tennis Game
I love this game! You can play other people from around the world and also AI opponents. They have a large set of training exercises and I especially love Mirrorplay where you can play against yourself to work on various shots. I've been playing Tennis Esports for quite some time and have seen vast improvements in the physics to the point where it's the only game I'm playing at the moment.\n\nAnd the support on their Discord server is great along with all sorts of weekly competitions to win prizes.
An Ace in the Metaverse
I recently had the opportunity to dive into the virtual world of tennis with this remarkable VR game, and I must say, it served up an unforgettable gaming experience.\n\nFrom the moment I stepped onto the virtual court, I was blown away by the stunning graphics. The attention to detail in the surroundings, from the carefully designed tennis courts to the lifelike player avatars, creates an immersive atmosphere that truly transports you to the Metaverse.\n\nThis VR tennis game served up a winning experience for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of virtual sports. It’s a fantastic addition to any VR gaming library. While it’s not without minor flaws, such as occasional controller tracking issues, these are far from outweighed by the overall enjoyment and immersion it provides.\nI highly recommend this game to both tennis enthusiasts and VR gamers alike.
A challenging, but great game!
I have been playing this game for a good while now. The game isn't easy, you will have to put some work in to really get good. The community is great and really supportive! The game is a good game in general and I personally haven't had any issues with it. Bugs and glitches are almost non-existent and the movement mechanics are easy to learn and are decent! Gameplay mechanics and the gameplay itself are really nice. Though when I first started out they really got me angry! 10/10 Game, would recommend to a friend!!!
Ce jeux est génial \nMeilleur jeux à l’heure actuelle.\nMalheureusement pas assez de joueurs en France \nContinuer notre travail superbe et développer encore plus de jeux.\nUn mode plus long des matchs en deux set ou trois set serait royal et s’approcherait encore plus de la réalité. Enfin un classement mondial comme ATP serait top.\nMerci pour le bonheur que vous me procurez\n\nL’équipe est génial ! Continuez ainsi . Les petits challenge sont motivants
Love this app 🎾👍
So fun playing this app.\n\nRealistic\nWork out\nEntertaining\nTraining skills\nCompetitive\nPrizes\nFun community\n\nThanks ❤️
Gold Medal
So awesome: yesterday the Taiwan team won Gold and Silver at the Asian Games in Tennis Esports! \nVR tennis is now Olympic.\nWhat a historic move!
Good game for new and advanced players.
Never played tennis before this game and while the tutorial was a bit short it was super easy to pick up on and still taught a lot quickly. Definitely a game ill be putting hours into.
A game to have without a doubt
I've been playing this game for quite sometime now and I'm not gonna lie, it's the best tennis online game out there without any doubt at all. It's so real and I love the environment as well. From playing tennis, to meeting new players around the world and winning prize money. This game has everything. Big thanks to the whole team for bringing this game to the people ! Onwards and upwards 🙌
Gran aplicación
Me encanta jugar esta aplicación. Es tan realista y divertido.\nLo recomiendo.
Wii sports in VR?????
Got the game yesterday, community is nice and welcoming. Reminds me of Wii Tennis. Has fun mini games and tournaments too and on VRML! There’s a few bugs here and there I’m sure the devs are working on. Recommend for anyone.
Super realistic, fantastic game!
This game is extremely entertaining and really close to the real sport. It may seems hard at first but with time and practice you really improve .\nTutorial is well done and gives you the feel of the game right away. Different modes and games.\n\nIn this game you can playtennis matches mostly played in the format of 10 points tie-breaker. You can play against AI or play against real humans all around the world. It is really entertaining. Every match played against humans gives you points and therefore a world ranking.\n\nThere is also an arcade mode where you score points by being precise and sending the ball in designated areas. Again you compete against other humans and you can see where you rank. \n\nThere are ways to even win real cash $ in different competitions.\n\nI played real tennis all my life and before finding this game there was nothing that felt as realistic in VR. I love this game and the more I play the more I improve. Once again it’s really realistic and fun. Will replace your real tennis session when it rains! 😉
Sehr gute Umsetzung eines Tennis VR Spiels. Die Ballphysik ist sehr gut. Ein ausführliches Tutorial/Training erleichtert den Einstieg und gibt einem das Gefühl für den virtuellen Schläger. Als Bonus gibt es spaßige Extra Spielmodi. Noch mehr Spaß macht es mit dem Tennis esports handle. Damit hat man das Gefühl einen echten Schläger in der Hand zu halten.
Great physics
This feels like real tennis.\nThanks for this fun workout and great miltiplay!
Great future
I think that this game has a lot of potential. I already like it a lot but there is a lot to be done for me personally to fully appreciate this game. I want to have better game modes, like career mode or club mode. I want to have better AIs which feel realistic and are competitive.\nMore customization is a big point as well.\nAll in all its a game with a lot of potential and we will have to see how it develops
So realistic cool graphics
graphics are cool - also trying my skills in real life too and it’s so similar! \n\nAI Squad needs some work to sync to ball\n\nPlayed a tournament as well pretty cool prize money
Do not underestimate the game!
I have played this game since two months now and I like it. I dont like the AIs yet because they are not realistic, especially the graphics. I hope the developers can improve that. But everything else is great!
This is cool. Recommend for multiplayer too they have some nice features and pretty responsive on discord\nTook a bit to get used to but getting more fun each day.
Really like this game
Hey guys nice job here. A few points \n\n1. movement is good but could be nice to adjust my speed to super sonic \n\n2. Can I play pros soon? \n\nPlaying irl with my son and he is now wanting to play home and at the fever!
Love HitEmAll
Please make more versions this is fun
Love it
Have just downloaded it - MirrorPlay my fave. community and customer service on discord so helpful thanks
So cool - physics epic
Physics on point - still looking for AI tournaments but can’t wait for more
Best ball physics in VR Tennis
Hands down to the developers, I really appreciate the ball physics. I would compare them with eleven tennis but for real tennis instead of table tennis. I love the weight of the ball and the reaction to different swings and effects from the racket.\nMy only stroke that was not working out of the box is the forehand. I had to change the grip, almost like a backhand to make it work. So that was strange. \n\nVERY IMPORTANT MISS: I wish you could invite directly a friend with a code and use a private room. Servers are empty here on the West Coast. I would be nice to play locally with another friend or family member to be able to play together easily. \n\nI haven't tried Arcade yet but the training is one the most complete I have played. So far I have all the tennis games on the Quest store and they all have their pros and cons but I love the ball physics on this one and to look at the details of the ball too. You can see the fur 😍.
I'm a huge Tennis fan & it's really cool to see they have MASSIVE prize pool tournaments! \n\nVirtual reality has sure come a long way! & I'm so glad the developers of this game are striving for these types of events!\n\nI highly recommend giving this game a swing as it's tons of fun to play with your friends & get some fun exercise too! 🎾
Great app!
I don’t normally give games reviews but this game is sooo fun! Second app in my quest pro library so far! I bought the HelloReal tennis racket handle to play as well. Only using the quest controller by itself is doable but awkward. I really suggest buying the tennis handle accessory if you can. The training sessions and arcade mode are the most fun. It would be nice though if the training sessions could be customized so you can practice specific shots repeatedly. I’ve only been on a real tennis court twice in my life so I don’t know how accurate the game is compared to real life but it sure does feel believable. Topspins, slices, down the line forehands…being able to land balls on target all feel satisfying. Returning a fast ball from the baseline takes effort which I like because it really adds to the immersion. \n\nMirror play mode is my least favorite of the modes. It doesn’t feel like you have enough time to ready your next swing or recognize where the ball is coming from. \n\nThe arcade mode is really fun and I think its a better training tool than the programmed training sessions. Only wish that the variety of the shots would be randomized each round. \n\nLong story short, great app and experience. Would recommend buying if you like to be active and enjoy sports.
Sehr gut mit viel Potential
Ich habe mir die Metaquest tatsächlich wegen diesem Spiel gekauft, um so im heimischen Wohnzimmer meine Technik zu verbessern. Das klappt schon ganz gut, auch wenn ich auf ein paar Features wie die Schlaganalyse noch warte. Ein paar Sachen fehlen mir noch, damit ich rundum zufrieden bin.\nEs sind relativ wenige Gegner online.\nDas Spiel hat hin und wieder Aussetzer, so dass man den Ball unverschuldet verfehlt. \nEs fehlt die Möglichkeit, einfach unendlich immer wieder den gleichen Schlag zu trainieren.. Spätestens nach 10 Mal ist Schluss und man muss neu starten. \n\nIch habe noch nicht die Möglichkeit gefunden, vom Champions Tiebreak auf reguläre Spielweise umzustellen.\n\nSpaß macht es jetzt schon, das Spiel ist vollumfänglich empfehlenswert.
Wonderful experience
This app is so great. I bought my quest2 specifically to see if I could improve my real-life tennis in VR. I have been playing tennis for a year. 8 months in VR. I have tried most of the tennis simulators available. This one is my favourite. \n\nA couple of the other tennis apps had me hooked for a while as each one does something well and a couple of them do things extremely well but I found I would have to modify my shots a lot when I went to the courts. Since I’ve settled on Tennis eSports my real-world game has improved the most. The ball acts the most ball-like and my VR skills mostly match how I actually play. \n\nThe match experience against both AI opponents and other players has been great for becoming a better strategist as well as learning to keep my cool 😎 while competing, they are also heaps of fun and a pretty good workout. \n\nThe Arcade mode I find challenging and great for zen’ing out and getting in the zone, or if you are a tennis geek like me, working on stroke production and grip changes. If you already know how to play tennis or you’re a gamer and like something you have to put a bit of effort into to get good, then different challenges, leaderboards and gameplay will have you addicted in no time. \n\nMirror play (where you hit against yourself) has taught me the most. Being able to understand spin by hitting every kind of spin shot and racket angle imaginable to myself and then having to return that ball has been game-changing for my real-world game. \n\nThere are a few things that could be improved. Practice mode feels a bit limited. Running feels awkward but works well enough not to distract too much from gameplay, and maybe I just need more practice at becoming a gamer and running with my thumb. The physics, in my opinion, are not quite perfect … yet. One of the best parts of this app is that the developers are continually improving the game by engaging with the Discord community of players and have made great improvements since the app lab days.
Couldn’t be better
No way that this is real I have to be dreaming. From wii back in the day to this just wow
A Revolutionary VR Experience
The future of tennis Esports is incredibly promising, and one game stands out as the ultimate stimulator. The team of developers behind is super awesome and hardworking. The immersive experience combined with great music adds another level of excitement. ❤️🎾
Best of all VR Tennis Apps
I have now tested 8 different VR tennis apps and this one is by far the most advanced and realistic one. This is more than VR tennis. Its a virtual sport! \nI enjoy the training sessions and love the „Mirrorplay“ and „HitEmAll“ competition. The multiplay is really fun when you register on their discord to know when the community meets to play. There are weekly prizes to win and its fun to chat all over the world during the tie-breaks. Well done and thanks for this.
Me encanta el tenis y este juego es muy entretenido.\nGRACIAS A LA COMUNIDAD ZONA THE GAMERS
At all a good game but not perfect.
I further prefer First Person Tennis for matches. IMO\nthe topspin forehand is more realistic there.\n\nThe concept of platform, leaderbords, arcade games \nare beautiful in this Esports. Congratulation! \n\nPlease improve the physics. Maybe helps a little \ndowngrade of sensibility.\n\nUpdate after 10 hours:\nDue to the realistic teleportation in matches,\nmeans: you can not reach impossible balls,\nthe game flow and fitness factor is to bad.\nBetter should exist an option of an arcade \nteleportation to meet every ball. Not realistic\nbut much more fun.
Tennis das Spaß und Aktiv macht.
Ich spiele gerne um meinen Score zu verbessern!
Redefining the limits
Tennis esports is the best game right now in the meta quest. Being a professional tennis player I can tell you that this game is a must try for all tennis enthusiasts. And the game experience is just surreal by itself. Kudos to the whole tennis esports team for bringing this to the people !
Fantastic game!
Fantastic tennis game and easily the best tennis one out there. Movements are extremely real and as close as you can get with a virtual tennis experience!
The best VR tennis experience ever!!!
Tennis E Sports is the most realistic tennis digital experience their is!!!\n\nThe physics within the game in terms of the ball movement off the racket is amazing and the game play is so much fun!!!!\n\nExcited to see how this game evolves as it is a tremendous step forward in the digital world of tennis!!!
Great VR Game
A great way for someone like me, who hasn‘t played for many years to improve his tennis skills. Because the App is not only ideal for experienced tennis players but also for beginners. Wether you play online matches or train, playing the App is always great fun. And you improve your tennis very quickly in an easy way. \nI highly recommend the App because the tennis is so realistic. \nI love playing tennis with this App. Not trying the App is a mistake.
Great simulation with massive potential
We've been using Tennis Esports in a pilot at the University of Bath since March '23 and couldn’t be more impressed with its functionality and user-friendly interface.\n\nThe app is a great extra offering for our students: it is a very accurate representation of the game, giving us another space for them to play and practice - allowing (indeed requiring!) players to replicate the precise technical movements needed to hit well - with several pilot participants clearly improving as a result IRL! The developers have doubtlessly put a great deal of effort into creating a top-tier simulation of ball / racket physics, alongside multiple levels of training and tutorials as well as the game play options available.\n\nLiaising with the developers during the Lab phase has also been a pleasure. They are not only knowledgeable but clearly dedicated to providing great service and support - with each update integrating many of the suggestions proposed - they take the time to understand the needs / requests of users and have developed the app accordingly.\n\nWe have been very happy with the app so far, and can highly recommend Tennis Esports for anyone searching for a great simulation of their favourite sport who is looking to practice and develop their tennis skills.
Best Game of vr
Best Game!
Best physics, great sim -
I’m having so much fun working on and fine tuning various aspects of my swing. Shot placement, spin, power, finesse - the strategies and skills needed in real life tennis carry over well in this Vr title. Ive only experienced offline play at this point- Vs Ai and skill games to sharpen my swing. I’m enjoying every bit of it -
Great experience for tennis fans!
The Tennis Esports app on Oculus Quest 2 is a great experience and I must say it is a game-changer for tennis enthusiasts. I can't get enough of it! Yesterday I played at least ten matches in multiplayer mode during the hot hour announced on the app's Discord channel. One of the standout features of the Tennis Esports app is its incredibly realistic tennis physics. It was a lot of fun to play matches with users from all over the world. I was able to play follow-up matches so many times after a match, and if I had to wait, I practiced with all the other options the app offers: AI opponents are great for practicing your serve and gameplay, hit'em all is a great way to really get into it, and mirrorplay pushed me to my limits to see how hard and fast I could play against myself. It's like having a personal coach right in your living room. It would be nice if there was also a statistic that not only records how many shots you take without making a mistake, but also how fast or far you can hit the balls to the line to improve yourself. \nIn conclusion, the Tennis Esports app delivers an exceptional tennis experience that surpasses expectations of what you can do on VR and provides endless time of immersive and thrilling gameplay!
Best Tennis game
The Best Tennis game on the quest. Hit em all and play vs the npc is my favorite playmode
Tennis Esports is more than simulation. Rain or shine, you can always put on the headset and enjoy playing with opponents around the world. Every tennis athletes I invite started with doubt and ended up hard to stop playing. The team put a lot of efforts on improvements and make it a promising game for everyone.
Amazing costumer support
I loved the costumer support I played the Demo and everything went very smoothly. When playing the game it is great and I have tons of fun.
Coolest game! So realistic and fun!
This game has been getting better and better - I love Instant Match and Mirror Play!
Best sport app i tried !!!!
Wow looks so real i will recommand this game , you really feel living the pro tennis player life , i love it !!!👌👌👌👌🔥🔥
How can I run. My computer makes only teleport. I want to change teleport option
Best VR tennis game by far
Been playing this since lab, the game is tons of fun, especially instant match with friends - renewed my love for the tennis which I didn’t get to play much in the past few years.\n\nLove to see the community grow now that the game is launched!
Game Changer!
This is the most realistic tennis simulator I have seen so far. The training simulations translate very well to a physical Court.
Tennis en estado puro
Gran simulador de juego con unas físicas en el golpe de la bola increíbles... Si quieres sudar y pasarlo bien un rato con un colega, este juego no defrauda.
Espectacular simulador de tenis
El juego es muy bueno, cumple con creces mis expectativas. Una buena iniciativa para realizar deporte sin moverse de casa.
Muy buen juego de tenis
Hace varios años que no juego al tenis en la vida real, pero por lo que recuerdo este juego se parece mucho, me parece muy real el golpeo de la pelota.\n\nPara el saque tiene tres modos, el que ha mi me gusta es el más realista y difícil, en el que tu lanzas las bola, y creo que funciona muy bien.\n\nPara moverte por la pista, puedes usar movimiento real o teletransporte, que es el que tengo que utilizar.\n\nCon el stick puedes teletransportate manualmente al sitio que quieras, y si estás cerca de la pelota te acerca automáticamente para golpearla, me parece muy buen sistema, pero solamente deja moverte manualmente una vez, si ves que te has equivocado y la bola va al lugar contrario, no puedes corregirlo. Debería dejarte teletransportate manualmente las veces que quisieras.\n\nLos partidos multijugador dan 3 puntos por ganar y 1 por perder, con ranking mundial. He jugado 5 partidos, 2 perdidos, 1 ganado, y en 2 partidos el contrincante se ha desconectado cuando iba a ganar. Me parece muy mal que no cuenten los partidos donde alguno de los jugadores deja el partido, y no de por ganado el partido al que se queda. \n\nNo he jugado más al multijugador por eso, y prefiero jugar en el modo de un jugador por ahora, aunque necesitaría un modo torneo o carrera.\n\nEl modo práctica está muy bien, te da una puntuación en estrellas, pero no guarda tus puntuaciones.\n\nEl modo de partida contra la IA son partidos con tres dificultades, debería dejar elegir cuantos juegos/puntos jugar, ahora mismo solamente son partidos al mejor de 10 puntos, por cierto, en el modo multijugador solamente permite partidos al mejor de 10 puntos.\n\nTiene un modo para conseguir la mejor puntuación con una máquina que te envía bolas a distintas posiciones, y tienes que enviarla a distintas zonas de la pista contraria, y que va aumentando la dificultad, que está muy bien. Además tiene un ranking a nivel mundial.\n\nHe probado unos días la demo de tennis league en modo simulación, pero este me parece mucho más realista
Favourite Tennis Game
Great tennis game. Feels pretty realistic to real life tennis. I mostly enjoy playing it for the solo challenge game modes! Real life prizes to be won too what more could you ask for.
Great Tennis VR Game
Very fun and physics are great. Looking forward to being able to play in future competitions and leagues.\n\nI suggest definitely getting a handle accessory as it makes it feels more real.
Tennis Time!
If you love Tennis, this game is the perfect opportunity for you to get your fill of some time on the court. Would highly recommend to any tennis lovers who love to play tennis all day every day!
The most accurate VR Tennis app
The most accurate VR Tennis app
Most realistic tennis sim
So far this is the most realistic tennis sim. The amount of topspin and backspin that you can generate is impressive and really impacts the ball flight in a realistic way. I wish there were settings to manually control the ball machine, like speed, height, number of balls, court placement, etc. Looking forward to future updates!
Best vr sport game ever
The graphic and the gameplay so smooth its so good already addicted to it
A real tennis experience in VR
A good platform for tennis enthusiasts with good quality graphics and easy movements. App is very straightforward with its menu and options. It provides numerous options like different types court, play against AI if your friends are not available. I love the chat option in the game. It was easy to communicate with your opponents and discuss the game and learn from them, it simulates the real scenario. Best part of this app they have training courses as well, so as a beginner I was able to learn tennis from the scratch. I will highly recommend this app not just professional tennis players but people who are interested in learning tennis.
Amazing VR Tennis Esports
The development of this simulator is really promising and it works really well. I love the graphic and the details of the courts, the games, the training. It really brings out like your in the real tennis court itself. There are still some glitches in which sometimes you feel like the ball disappears on you and goes to a different direction and the way of running or teleporting to the ball was a little bit hard to get in the beginning but thanks to the videos, practices and the people who are in the server I was able to understand how to manage most of the controls. There are still some more room to improve in certain areas. Overall this app really is amazing and fun to play.
Best VR tennis experience EVER!
This game is one of the best VR sports games, the graphics are magnificent, and the community is epic.\nThe developers are active on all platforms and will always help you with questions and more.\nThe offline gameplay good, but I think playing against randoms is even better!\nThe graphics are great for a Quest 2 game. The game feels lifelike with one of the best VR physics! \nOverall, it is one of the best small company VR games I've EVER played in my 3 years of VR experience.\nI suggest u give it a try and with questions u can Always ask the community and the developers.
Real time experience
Good Immersive experience.
Amazing Experience
Tennis esports made my dream come true of playing Tennis. \nIt’s amazing experience and fun to play. Hope soon we could get trained virtually.
Awesome!! This feels great! As real as it can get!!
Tennis Game, Not a Sim Yet
This is a fun tennis title that has a high score target practice mode and general practice modes for single players, and normal public/private multiplayer tennis matches for all others. \n\nPhysics:\n- The tennis racket physics don't appear to be an attempt at an exact replica, but instead a precision arcade-like system. It does work well, but don't expect real life simulation.\n- Movement: Auto-run, teleport, or real life running (meaning you need a full tennis court to play). Manual run is tough to pull off to be comfortable, but hoping it makes it way to this title for competition enhancement. \n\nCurrent price tag is likely not worth it for single-player only players, but if you have some pals to play it with, then it would be worth it!
Wholesome Devs
This is an early access tennis game that is coming up nicely, the devs are very engaging in the discord page.\nI would like to see AI players and some more options for those who play with just a controller, like removing the hand and increasing racquet power. Thanks and happy new year!
Great simulator that keeps improving 🤩
I have been following this game since the demo dropped and I am very impressed with the progress made so far. Overall mechanics and performance in general are great. I hope match making becomes easier when more people join the app. If you want a tennis sim, you gotta give this one a shot.
Very realistic Tennis game!
The gameplay is very realistic! Also love the fact that you can play this game online very easily!
Love to play this game!\nReally good to help train you for tennis in real life!
Great gameplay and physics!
Feels like real tennis and is really competitive!
Real possibilty to train for real tennis
Feels like real tennis. \nI am really fascinated about the trainings possibilties of this app. Tennis esports forces you to hit very properly and slowly. I hope this will help to bring my real tennis to a new level. \nThis is no arcade game so you will need a little time to get used to it. The provided VR Racket from tennis esports increases the realism.\nIf haptical feedback would be implemented it would be perfect.
Perfect way to play tennis anywhere
You can train, play matches, participate in competitions, play arcade… everything from home, from a tennis club or simply anywhere! It is very accessible from the beginner to the expert player. Everyone will have fun! Arcade mode gets addicting \nWell done to VRML for creating such an amazing software and getting better everyday
Mega 🎾💪🏻
Endlich ein VR-Erlebnis das der Tennisrealität verdächtigt nahe kommt.\nIch bin begeistert 🤩
Love all the way!
Wow wow wow. What can I say? I’ve been waiting so long to play tennis esports and now it has finally ended up in my lounge! As I step into the stadium for the first time, with the grass beneath my feet, an airplane flying above, I am breathless at the sheer quality that Gregg and his team have produced. Truly remarkable. I take to the court and take on the practice classes. I always thought I was a pretty decent tennis player, but esports is something different, something unique and challenging but also something pretty beautiful. I then venture into my first match and I win. The great thing about this game is that you can chat and laugh with your opponent and have super fun no matter your level. If you have tennis in your hearts and are not always able to get to the court, feel rest assured that there is one waiting for you at home and that is not only magical but but greatly satisfying in my world. Bring on the cup and let the tournament begin!!!
Very realistic tennis simulator
The graphics of the tennis court and the tennis ball with its little felt hairs are fantastic. I'm brand new and laid an egg. I changed the setting for the controllers to be used to something other than the existing Quest controllers and now I can no longer operate the simulation. I hope that the support from Tennis Esports resp. VR Motion Learning can help. Pre-ordered a controller with a real racquet grip and I'm excited to see how it plays. With the double-handed backhand, the Quest controllers don't do that well.
It’s amazing
So we’ll thought out.
Amazingly realistic
By far the best tennis app I have played so far - amazingly realistic ball physics and a lot of fun. Kids love it as well.
Could this be the future of Tennis?
This app is at the cutting edge of what lies ahead for tennis… a virtual experience. \nWhilst it still has some kinks in it, which I’m sure will iron themselves out over time, I am so impressed with the vision. \nKeep up the good work!!!
El mejor simulador de tenis del momento
Sin duda el mejor simulador de tenis de la actualidad, consigue que te metas realmente dentro de la pista
Nice Training features …challengers next
:) \n\nThank you
Best Tennis experience on VR
Really loved the game, the training helps you get a hold of the virtual gameplay. And once you get hold of it, it's so much fun. Playing with this a friend can be an awesome experience and it can get very competitive. Jumping in to train or compete over the new challenges added in the full version can be a good way to kill some time and get a decent workout especially if you have some weights added to your controllers. Looking forward to how the game will evolve in the future.
Great tennis app
It gives the feeling of playing tennis and not just playing an app .
good game for fun and fitness
very good game. i enjoy it very much
Best way to kick start my day
Going to spend more time on this game. Really good for fitness.
Great Game!
This game is by far better than the other tennis game available on Oculus. The ability to hit a hard baseline forehand or a soft drop shot is great. The tutorial is well designed and the Challenge game is a blast to play and a great workout! I would love to see more mini games and the ability to play a full match with a friend added, but those are just minor adjustments. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking!
New and upcoming game big potential
Real life physics great for real tennis players and anybody learning the game. This is the game to play!\nnice control and performance. love characteristics including the height, spin, speed, direction and depth of shots\n little different to real Tennis but it comes close and is super satisfying to play!
Best Tennis Game on Market!
As an avid tennis player, I was a little skeptical about purchasing this app as it is a sport that is very difficult to mimic in virtual reality. However, this game far exceeded my expectations! The developers did a great job in scaling and motions. This game helps develop concentration in real tennis as it forces you to watch the ball as you hit it, rather than looking away too quickly and hitting bad. I love that you are able to change the court surface, and look forward to future customizations that should be added, such as tennis racquet and string customization! I could seriously spend hours playing this game, and will be doing so in the winter when I can’t get out to the courts!
Closer to tennis than I thought!
Great title
Got this for free at the us open
Great tennis game
Physics are great. Really good for practicing your touch and drop shots. Also good for grooving in forehand and backhand form. Serves are tough, haven’t really figured out how to do those as good as real life yet. The drills are really great as well.\n\nI have tried all the tennis games available for oculus right now and this is by far the most realistic, I have already noticed the skills transferring to my real life tennis game. Anyone looking to learn real tennis skills will not be disappointed with this game.
Très réaliste
Après un break de tennis physique, j'ai tenté la reprise en virtuel... Waouh! C'est vraiment réaliste dans les mouvements de raquette et de balle, les exercices répétitifs permettent de prendre en main les mouvements, et s'améliorer rapidement son geste. Les matchs, les échanges, le décor, l'ambiance est parfaite, ça va transpirer un peu et il va falloir pousser les meubles. Super App!
I got a free code for playing the demo and I love the demo and now I own the full game! Thanks guys!
Love it!
Got the demo when I had an injury and it was nice. Got my fix. Absolutely loving the updated game now. Just going through tutorials and so much to come back for and practice.\n\nLove how body momentum transfer into the strokes really feels to make a difference.
Tennis in the VR world
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey with the virtual tennis game. The imagination of reinventing and bridging the gap between virtual reality and the real world, with a tennis ball, is amazing. I enjoyed the different interpretation of the ARCADE game, along with the Teaching lessons that one can do within the app, to learn the simple basics of tennis strokes. The app will only continue to grow, and Gregory's commitment and dedication to his dream will make it a continued success as it evolves.
This application blew away all expectations. I have never attempted to play tennis and now I can’t wait to try it out! The tutorials were amazing and the workout was next level. Can’t wait to fire up VR Tennis again to play!
Train and play tennis in VR 🤟👍😇
First, thank you developers for this VR tennis. I enjoyed it and love to play tennis in VR.\nAfter I played the demo of this, I want to play the full game because I feel so real inside a VR tennis court. \nThe mirror play is a creative idea to play. Just like an AI player.\nThe full game have more training and challenging gameplay. \nThe match games online are simple and easy , but need to have more online players. \nMore AI players if possible. Please continue to add more to this fun tennis game.\n\n Looking forward to the coming soon competition gameplay. \nYes I do recommend this esport game to everyone to enjoy. \nMy suggestion is to have another esport game badminton if good idea.\nBecause badminton and tennis are perfect gameplay in VR.
WOW!!!! What an amazing and close to authentic VR Tennis experience!!! Well Done!!!!
Great fun. Great app.
We plan to use the app as the basis for the tennis component of our collegiate virtual sports program. Particularly with the attached tennis handles, the app provides a very realistic and immersive tennis experience. Can’t wait to see what happens after a few enhancements + bigger user base!
Super Tennis-Simulation!
War selbst noch nie auf dem Tennisplatz,also absoluter Anfänger.\nDas Tutorial ist fast selbsterklärend,spitze! (kleine Anmerkung in der\nbeschreibung: Als Linkshänder fängt man mit der Rückhand an und\nnicht mit der Vorhand ;-) )\nHit em all und Mirrorplay sind sehr gelungen.Ballphysik ist auch\nsehr realistisch!\nNun nur noch trainieren über trainieren und demnächst den Adapter\nkaufen.Top Game,danke!
Best sports VR ever
This is the closest you can get to real life tennis. Feels like practicing VR is helping you in the real tennis world. \nMirror play is my favorite. \nDefinitely a strong recommendation
Today I have seen the future of esports
Today I have seen the future of esports in metaverse. Precise handtracking and full immersive feeling. I also had the chance to test an adapter what is providing the absolute tennis experience in VR. And not only this ... this app also has so much potential in hundreds of usecases not only private and fitness, also for companies and teaming measures, live work balance, exhibitions and much more. I am pretty sure, in just a few months this app will be a true hit everywhere! \nSee you at the tennis court ;-)
No excuses (to not play tennis)!
This is the most realistic tennis outside of a physical tennis court to date. As a recreational player, I am in love with the training modes as sometimes I go long periods without playing tennis (due to work or other commitments). This allowed me to practice in ways that suited how I felt my level was. For example, after months of not playing I felt my forehand was way off, I liked being able to use the beginner mode and just practice the mechanics and timing of the swing with a stationary ball. As I felt more comfortable, the ability to move to more advanced practice just added to the realness of this app. I love the volley practice mode since as a recreational player, we don't get to use that a lot unless you're playing doubles or a player very comfortable with volleying. The updated serve training is a great bonus as my serve is not great and I really like having a way to practice at any time. The one downside for me using the demo version was the unnatural feeling of the controllers (they didn't feel like you were holding a tennis racket). I was very happy to try out the 3d VR tennis racket for the controller with this release. I LOVE IT! It feels as if you are holding a real tennis racket and the weight is comparable to that of a tennis racket. Since I am still getting back into the swing of tennis, I spend most time in the training modes, but I do look forward to a match in the coming week or two. \nTHANKS!!!!!
Fantastic Tennis Game!!!
If you’re looking for a real experience this is the game for you!!!\n\nThe training sessions are easy to understand and the competitive play features to play another user is great!!!\n\nThe arcade mode is a lot of fun!!!\n\nExcited to see how this game progresses!!!
Trop bien
It's a very fun game\nAnd I personally love it. 😁
Incredible physics
The physics in this game are near perfect and its the best tennis game I have played on quest. There's not currently much content but I'm looking forward to the developers adding the new tour mode. I love that you can play against yourself but I just wish that the bot would quicken up the return. \nI strongly recommend this to anyone who likes tennis. I can see this being one of the biggest and best games on quest in the near future. \n🎾🙂
The best Tennis "Sim" so far! #physics
Does a great job of accurately transferring your shots into VR, and about as good as you can probably get with current tech. \n\nThis game is certainly more sim focused (it does spin much better than rivals) so if you can't play tennis very well IRL it isn't very forgiving. An arcade mode might be needed for the casual gamers. That said I personally am a sports sim/realism lover and Esports Tennis more than delivers in this respect.\n\nLike most games there are still some room for improvements. Some anti aliasing improvements on the practice court (although the clay court service looks very nice). Occasionally the racket disappears in mid air as you play a shot (unfortunately a consequence of the quest not tracking behind your head). Also, an AI opponent would be welcome although I understand they want to create a multiplayer esport.\n\nI am either playing the challenge "hit em all" which is good fun and has me coming back trying to get up the leaderboard. Or, the mirror play is a nice feature and essentially you have a rally with yourself.\n\nSo far there are not enough players for regular multiplayer so buy this now and join the discord!\n\nThanks\n@VRSportz
Tennis auf realistischem Niveau
Ich, als absoluter Tennis-Neuling habe mich im Tutorial gut aufgehoben gefühlt.\nEs wurde alles verständlich erklärt.\n\n Die Menüführung ist meines Erachtens selbsterklärend. Was mich leider etwas stört, ist die Bestätigung mittels draufhalten des Triggerpunktes mit den Controllern. Das ging manchmal so schnell, dass man unbeabsichtigt irgendetwas anderes ausgewählt. Mit dem Racket (welches ich leider nicht besitze) wird dies allerdings benötigt, soweit ich weiss.\n\nSpeziell bewerte ich hier den Multiplayer:\nDas Erstellen der Räume ist super einfach und auch sehr schnell gelistet, sodass man nicht ewig auf den offenen Raum warten muss. \nDas Match mit meinem "realen" Gegenüber war performancetechnisch erste Sahne. Ein bisschen schmunzeln musste ich über das Tracking, da mein Gehenüber aussah, als hätte er nervöse Zuckungen, was aber den Spielfluss nicht beeinträchtigt hat.\nDie Tennisplätze sind an sich schön gestaltet, die Tribünen aber eher lieblos mit statischem und spärlichem Publikum bestückt.\n\nTrotzdem vergebe ich hier 5 Sterne, da das Game viel Potential hat. Nur die knapp 30 € sind meiner Meinung nach nicht gerechtfertigt.
Very excited!
As a tennis player I had to give this game a shot and what can I say… probably top 3 of my favourite VR games atm.\nI was sceptical at first regarding the realistic ball physics but they did a great job with that. It’s obviously a little different to Tennis but it comes close and is super satisfying to play! \n\nI’m already looking forward to take part in big tournaments once people get the hang of it and start grinding this game. \nI give the game a 9/10 because there are not enough players yet to play competitively. \nApart from that I can only recommend it!
Best Tennis VR game ever
I've got to move to a bigger house! This feels like a real tennis game. Serves are accurate (so far). Can't wait to play others. One tip, roomscale is one thing - heightscale needs to be a thing too, so be very aware of light fixtures.
Macht vieles gut aber....
Tennis in VR macht Laune. Wir haben hier aktuell einen Übungs Modus, einen Herausforderungs Modus und den Multiplayer, leider fehlt aktuell noch das Singleplayer Turnier.\n\nDie Plätze sind schön gestaltet, das Bild wirkt jedoch etwas unruhig aufgrund der niedrigen Auflösung. Im Multiplayer lässt es sich gut spielen, aber es erfordert sehr viel Gefühl und Übung. Die Ball Physik fühlt sich korrekt an und man kommt doch relativ schnell zurecht. Auch wenn die Entwickler hier sehr viel Wert auf Realismus legen, würde ich mir einen Arcade Modus wünschen.\nDas Spiel kann ich leider zu diesem Zeitpunkt für 30 Euro nicht empfehlen, da es doch kostengünstigere und meiner Meinung nach bessere Alternativen gibt.\n\nWer aber ein Realistisches VR Tennis Game sucht und dies gerne noch mit einen Schläger Adapter abrunden möchte, welchen ihr über die Homepage des Entwicklers bekommen könnt, der ist hier gut aufgehoben.\n\nKleiner Nachtrag. Ich habe heute den Schläger Adapter für dieses Spiel erhalten. Das macht es gleich um soviel besser, es fühlt sich einfach unglaublich gut damit an.
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